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Who we are

We are a team of C-Suite executives with over 250 years of collective experience starting and growing successful healthcare organizations. Our executives have led in healthcare, legal and accounting services.

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What we do

Meta Health is engaged in the acquisition of healthcare companies operating within the lower middle market. Our primary objective is facilitating impactful successions while leveraging world-class expertise to elevate operational efficiency, bolster working conditions, and enhance the quality of care delivered.

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meta health
1-10 million in gross sales
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Preferred States: Midwest
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Must have positive cash flow

Why work with us

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meta health
meta health
Partnership for Continued Growth

Our organization acknowledges and appreciates the significant commitment and dedication that operators have devoted to their companies and brand, and we are fully committed to preserving and further developing their distinctive organizational culture.

We also offer operators the option of long-term succession plans, including 3-4 year exit plans with a change of control for majority positions. During this transition, operators maintain management roles with a salary, and upon full exit, are provided an opportunity for a second sale of their minority position.

As a boutique firm, we prioritize direct and personalized communication that is available round the clock. This ensures that our team is agile and capable of swiftly evaluating the right opportunities, resulting in efficient and timely deal closures.

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Roger N. Dean
Managing Director